Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gone Too Soon

These last few days, were the days I found not-easy to live in. 
I was still mourning and grieving. 
I lost a part of me. I lost my 8-week-growing baby inside me.
Some say,
"Life must go on, Dear.
Keep your head up.
So many things to do.
So many things await you."
I know. I know.
But my minds and my heart seemed cannot function well together.
I just felt so weak.
I wanted to do nothing but weeping.
I felt so lost and brokenhearted.
I need a bandage to heal the cuts. 
My heart ache, feels like cuts deep down inside.
 I'm not ready for this. 
I was ready to welcome our third baby.
My body knew it. It changed. It welcomed our baby. 
And I did too. We all did.
I have loved our baby, the first time I read the testpack.
I have loved our baby even I hadn't feel it moved nor kick.
I sang to our baby,
talked to our baby when I laid, walked, sat and sew.
I was more than ready to set our baby's room
and plan that him/her was going to join our homeschool days.
But, I was never ready to hear that there's no more heartbeat.
I was not ready at all. 
You just gone too soon, Little One.
Gone too soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Use it Tuesday Jan 24: All about Love

Hello, Friends! 
I come back to you with the second challenge Use it Tuesday in January 2012! As we are going to celebrate Valentine's Day on February, why don't we try to dig up some stash and create a lovely something for someone special?
Finally after hours of digging (can you  imagine how high the pile of papers I have? *lol), I found up these love paper series  leftovers. Still,  I can created a tiny card for my husband. I plan to put our pictures when we were still single!
I  handstiched some bright yellow embroidery thread for framing the card. 
Looked good! 
I love how it turned out!
 I added some Ranger's Crackle Accent to add special texture on the words. My! It was dried, as the results I'd been neglecting it for months! I had to poke a hole with a needle so the liquid could come through. lol.
 Here's the inside that I want to put our pictures when we were single. :) I plan to look for two pictures to put one on the left and one on the other side. Honestly, I don't know where to look. The boxes when we moved to our house still remain unpacked! :P
Hope you can find something to join the challenge!   
Simply click here to join! Have fun!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scrapbook Challenge Sketches #274-277

Here's my layout based on wonderful sketches of challenges in Scrapbook Challenges Forum.
Would like to join in? Just click the links below.

designed by BeeCee

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Use It Tuesday Design Team

Hello, today's a big day for me because I am now officially a member of Design Team in Use It Tuesday! Oooh! What a lovely way to start a new year! This is soo cool!

I have two more news. One not-so-good-news and one is fabulous one! The fab one is: I am 8 weeks pregnant! And the not-so-good part is I need bedresting badly. I am not allowed to go upstairs for couple months. By then, it creates another problem. My scraproom is upstairs and personal computer is too. So I can upload my posting using iPhone only for certain period of time! :(( It's far easier working with computer rather typing on iPhone screen. This is the best I can do for now though. I have to be content with that for a while.

Anyway, I am totally excited today! Here's the link where you can meet up my new talented friends in Use It Tuesday Design Team.

the owners of Use It Tuesday 

Thanks for stopping by!


Use It Tuesday Jan 10: All about Winter

Hello, Everyone! Here's my first challenge as DT of Use it Tuesday! 
I cannot tell you how excited I am to be one of the team!

As a scrapper, we face that most of the time we have aHUGE pile of stash and hoarded supplies from the previous projects. Wondering how to use it, I stumbled upon this wonderful blog owned by Sami and Siobhan. Both of them are the founder of Use it Tuesday! What I love most playing around is these sentences written at the homepage:
 ***REMEMBER: All of our challenges call for you to use your hoarded supplies! A challenge requirement is to tell us in your post what you used!***
Wonderful, isn't it? I challenge myself to join there and I can dig up and use my stash more! Yay!

Here's the first challenge of this 2012: All about Winter
I used the following hoarded supplies:
- stash from Pink Paislee scrapbook paper
- ribbon, been years in my drawer
- a white-purple Prima Flower, since months ago, 
I couldn't find perfect mathcing colors yet until now! :)
- the snowflakes made from brown cut out I bought about six months ago. 

I painted it with white acrylic paint mixed with coarse texture gel and added some glitter before it dried up.

Here's more close up:
I add some chalk ink for the edges of the leaves to create more natural look.
I used clay tool to roll a bit the leaves' edges so they look real. 
 The coarse gel created snowy look on it. 
The glitter added up more sparks under the light. 
Love it!
Hope you can play along!