Saturday, August 27, 2011

My FIRST Altered Challenge at Scrapbook Challenges

Hi, there!
This is my FIRST challenge as one of Design Team at Scrapbook Challenge. I am both nervous and excited!
I chose to alter empty dog food cans here. My boys got excited when I asked them to join me in painting the cans. I created two altered cans, with the help of my handy boys, to inspire you.

Here's the pictures, materials and simple steps how I turn the simple cans into something artistic.
After the cans are safe for hands, here are the next steps:
Materials needed:
- white acrylic paint
- coarse texture gel
- foam brush
- small brush
- big brush
And here's the happy handy boys of mine who support me in doing this special project.
Thanks, Handsome Boys!
Mix the white acrylic paint and coarse texture gel using the same amount comparison. Mix thoroughly. Then start applying all over the can surface evenly. Dab over to create "mountainious" effects.
Leave it to dry overnight.
Then, it is ready for you to dress up and make it pretty! I used a piece of 8x8 scap paper, and cut every details there. I love the butterflies, writings and all of them. I scrapped every little piece of it.
For the front, I used chipboard, painted it white and glued it on, to create frame effect.
I found some light green tulle fabric, folded it and put it underneath the chipboard.
Some close ups:

Here's the final reveal:

For another tin, I want to have different look. Vintage rusty effect this time!
Here are the steps of the how-tos.
After the white paint dry completely, start rub on some distress inks using sponge on it. 
I used two colors of Tim Holtz's Distress Ink, Rusty Hinge and Walnut Stain. 
Start with the lighter color. 
Put the ink evenly, leaving some of the white acryclic colors.
It turned out to be like this:
I was not happy with the result. Looked rather dull.
Then, I add some brown acrylic color using sponge brush to add more sparks.
Cover all the whites.
Lastly, I dabbed on some gold acrylic paint using my finger to create scattered paint effect.
I added some more  to make the can looks brighter and shinier.
It worked! Yay!
Then I added some more colors to create more  aged-effect.
I dabbed on some ink, using Brilliance Stamps from Tsukineko color Copper Bronze and Chocolate.
Here's the final result.
You can use the altered cans for arranging flowers, put eggs in, put the painting tools, etc.
Anything you like! 
You can even make it personal by writing your name on, or others so you can create a handmade gift!
It was so much fun working on this project!
We can create wonderful stuff, yet loving the earth since we do reduce, reuse and recycle as well!
Hope you get inspired and ready to create your own!

Here's a simpler example I created two years ago.
I made this one without paint. Simply glue and paper. No mess at all. :)
No drying time needed. Very simple.
Thanks to Wendy, who inspire me to make such wonderful flowers.
You can try creating your own rolled flower paper by following Wendy's step by step instructions.
Thanks to my sweetest and very talented cousin too, Vera, who gave me link to Wendy's blog. *hugs*

There's one more altered box. I just found it in the right time when my hubby just put that in our recycled   bag! Glad I found it before Friday, since the man always took our recycled materials once a week!
Here's the final look of the project:

And here's the steps how I made it. Just need trimming, a bit fussy cutting and glue. That's all.
Remember, you can create anything using any techniques, any tools and any materials you can find around your house. They can be anything: cardboard, pizza boxes, ribbons, old shoes, wrapping paper, candy wraps, old belt, old  books, shoebox, cookie can, milk box, coffee jar, the possibilites are endless!
You name it. :)
Happy altering, Friends!
Have fun!
If you come from Scrapbook Challenge, you can put your photo of wonderful creations by clicking here.
Or, if this is the first time you stumbled upon my blog, you can join the challenge as well by joining us in here
All you need just register and have fun playing along, meet new scrappy and wonderful people around the globe. 
Hope you'll get inspired and join the fun!

See you there!
Thanks for looking.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Use it Tuesday Challenge: Lucky #13: Indian Summer!


I found this site from my wonderful scrappy friend of mine in Scrapbook Challenge, Dinah Maningat. She is a DT in both Srapbook Challenge and Use it Tuesday. You can see her marvellous works here.

Really in love finding this site since I can dig up my stash and use it!
The theme for this challenge is "Indian Summer'! Looking at the beautiful layouts from the DTs there inspired me to create, and here's the reveal!

By the way, here's the link if you want to join the challenge. Please be quick since it will be closed only in 4 days!

Thanks for looking!