Flower Tutorials

Supplies needed:
- scissors
- glue
- glitter / Stickles
- 6 and 5-petal-flower patterns in different sizes
- clear stamps
- acrylic block
- brown chalk ink or distress ink
- natural recycled paper (not too thick)
 1. Stamp the paper all over.
 2. Trace the flower patterns. Each flower need 4 flower petals.
 3. Rumple the petals softly, to create the blooming effect. 
 4. Then, add some chalk ink to the edges.
 5. Here's the close up look of the edge. Looks nice.
 6. Here's the chalk ink block that I used. 
 7. The difference between finished edge and not-yet-done. 
 8. After gluing one top of the other.
9. Add some glitter for more catchy look. 
Run out of Stickles? 
Look in your drawer to find glittery nail polish! :)
Voila! It's done!

Thanks for looking.