Wednesday, April 27, 2011

12th Wedding Anniversary Details and How-Tos

Here is the scraps I need to create the lay out. I have two used boxes. One cake box from the store and another is cappucino box. I have game tickets from my kids, which I use for tracing the pattern.
I put the ticket on the beautiful brown cappucino cardboard.
I stamped the edges using brown SEI chalk ink.

Then to add texture, I use Tim Holtz's Distress Ink, put the edge of the Distress Ink, and I got beautiful patterns on the tickets!
Now it's time to make the flowers. Cut the patterned paper about 2x12 inches, depending on how bloom you want your flower to be. For smaller flowers I cut 1.5x 7 inches long. Then crumple and twist the paper gently.

Then, using paper glue, put some in and start rolling. Continue rolling until end of the paper.

Voila! Your simple and beautiful paper flower is ready to use on your scrapbook lay out page!
Then it's time to make long strips for journaling. Cut according to your need, I cut mine about 0.5 inch, and cut the length randomly. Since the used cardboard is plain white, I wanted to give some brownish accent. I add the colors using the chalk and distress ink.
Here's my first lay out. Beneath the small cardboard, I put some brown tulle fabric. I burnt the edges using small candle to create the "burnt", old and torn look. The spotted light and dark brownish "paint" is actually tea. I infuse a teabag for sometime, and then squeeze the teabag gently on the cardboard. After 1-2 hours, it dried and ready to use.
I handsctiched along the edge, using brown thread. The newspaper for layering also was infused for sometime in the tea. :) I used hairdyer to make the drying process faster. It add old looks to the newspaper and fragrant smell since I only had Jasmine teabag in my cupboard. :)
Below is the detailed holes for sticthing and stamped tickets. I used "Yellow Bicycle" Clear Stamp-Family series. Thanks for looking!


  1. LOVE it :) great page!! (nat from SC)

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    STUNNING page!

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