Friday, September 28, 2012

"Scrap for Help" - My First Entry Ever!

It's been a long time knowing this wonderful site and even already put its button on my blog, but yes, this is the FIRST time I join the challenge.

What I love about "Scrap for Help" is, they encourage scrapper to use recycle or used materials as often as possible. Gorgeous scrapbooking project and loving our earth at one time! Isn't that cool?

Moreover, they creating classes for kids! If we want to donate scrapbook material for them, they'll love it!
You can read more about them by clicking this hyperlink. :)

Here's my scrapbook project using almost 95% used materials, except the letters (that cute snake included) which I made using DAS air-dry clay.

The jeans cut off because they're too long for my son, and of course I keep them. Finally, I found perfect place to  join in my jeans-scrapbook project!
Here's the detailed story:
I used cardboard from a package for delivering my scrapbook papers I bought on the net, as the background. I painted it with white acrylic paint. 
"When life gives you lemons..." I cut them and make it stamps for my projects!
Dab some red acrylic paint and there you go, I love the red circle patterns from the lemon! Yay!
Using letter cookie cutter and DAS air-dry clay, I made the title for the page. 
Then I painted them white after they dried up all night.
Adding some scrambled word stamp on them one by one. 
Look awesome. 
Love them!
As I need  letter "S", and currently missing, I decided to create a cute snake instead of being grumpy. 
My son wanted its head green. So be it. :)
The step-by-step in pics:

Wow! I got a big surprise! 
This page was featured! Yay! Thanks!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Stunning page cool with the cardboard and lovely details.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments, Lean :)